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knowing and planning

Knowing the different types of nutrients, where they come from, and how much we need of each helps us make smarter food choices. By planning ahead we are more likely to eat foods that are better for us; furthermore, keeping good foods that we like readily available makes a big difference in our diet. CLICK HERE to be directed to the ditary guidelines issued by the USDA. They provide helpful information, giving us the tools to make better food choises.

Knowing and Planning are also two important tools to have an effective workout. A fitness program will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to follow an exercise routine that will give you results and will make your time at the gym more productive. It is very important to be constant with any exercise activity. Knowing what exercises to perform on a specific day helps you stay focused on your goals and motivates you adhere to your program.

CLICK HERE to check the Body Weight Simulator, a research tool developed by Dr. Kevin Hall’s research group at the NIDDK. It can be used as a guide to help you loose/gain weight. Build healthy eating habits by using MyPlate, a guide to information, recipes and personalized food plans.

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